The Preggie Awards

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, the first Fit Pregnancy Conscious Pregnancy and Parenting Awards honor the people, products and organizations that are making a positive impact on the lives of babies and parents.

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Each year, we come across thousands of people, products and organizations whose mission is to help pregnant women, parents and children. Some have risen to the top, standing out as true pioneers and amazing innovations. That's why we created the Preggie Awards--a tribute to those individuals, nonprofit groups and companies that support Fit Pregnancy's philosophy. In a nutshell, we believe that parents should stay not only informed but also as involved with their children as possible while constantly questioning what's best for them. We also believe that, once informed, parents should trust their instincts.

Consequently, the missions of the groups we've chosen are to improve the welfare of pregnant women, new mothers and young children. The products we've singled out allow parents to stay close to and protect their babies. And the people we're recognizing are respected experts in their fields who display a strong streak of independent thought. Thanks to all our honorees, being pregnant, giving birth and raising young children is

Preggies Groups We Love

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