Pregnancy Survival Guide

A step-by-step guide to the next nine months.


Nine months go by in a blur, so it's time to get cracking! We're here to help you every step of the way, from which foods provide the most nutrition for you and your baby to the prenatal workouts that prep you for labor.

Plus, whether you're writing up a traditional or an alternative birth plan, we help you navigate the world of epidurals, drug-free pain relief, Cesarean sections and vaginal births.

All About the First Trimester
For most women, the first 12 or so weeks of pregnancy are the most consuming because everything is all so new, so exciting, even overwhelming.

All About the Second Trimester
Everything you need to know to sail through most women's favorite time of pregnancy.

All About the Third Trimester
You enter the third trimester filled with energy, but as your body continues to grow and change, you may start to feel tired and experience new aches and pains

Prenatal Testing
An in-depth look at the screening and diagnostic tests you might undergo, and how some real couples dealt with the decisions and emotional issues involved.

Mind & Body

Expecting Improvement
From healthier eating to thicker hair to better sex, how pregnancy may boost your health and happiness.

Stress Less
The truth about your top 10 pregnancy worries

How Much Weight Should I Gain?
Use our tool to calculate your pre-pregnancy BMI. This will give you a starting point for recommended weight gain.

Sleep Like A Baby
Depending on how pregnant you are, everything from "morning" sickness to scary dreams to restless leg can take their toll on your nightly shut-eye.

Pregnancy Nutrition

10 (surprising!) Prenatal Power Foods
Foods that provide the nutrition you need for a healthy pregnancy.

What Not to Eat
The do's and don'ts of prenatal nutrition.

Pregnant & Hungry
Expert advice and real-life solutions, plus delicious recipes for every stage of pregnancy.

Prenatal Workouts

Pilates Mama
Trimester-specific workouts that will keep you limber and strong for pregnancy and new motherhood.

Walk This Way
A trimester-by-trimester guide to the perfect walking workout for pregnant women of all sizes, shapes and fitness levels.

Ready, Set Push!
Strengthen your abs and pelvic floor now for an easier delivery and a lower risk of incontinence later.

Super Mom
Now is the time to strengthen the muscles you'll need most as a new mother.

Labor & Delivery

Your Birth Plan
Start here for tips on creating your own birth plan.

Be Prepared
Going into childbirth knowing what to expect is key to building the confidence you need. Here's how to get there.

When Push Comes To Shove
Not sure what to expect during childbirth? Here, our guide from your first contraction to your baby's first breath.

Finding a Childbirth Instructor
Questions to ask potential instructors.

How To Choose A Midwife
More women are choosing midwives, but lingering myths and confusion mean that many moms-to-be still have questions. We've got answers.

Delivery Room Drama
Many labor complications sound worse than they are. We explain six of the most common and how your doctor will manage them.

Have it Your Way
From traditional to alternative, there's a world of choices in childbirth education.

Birth After C-section
Experts are urging that more women who've had a previous C-section be allowed to deliver vaginally.

Epidurals: fact vs. fiction
Do they lead to C-sections? Will they harm the baby? Answers to your questions about this popular labor-pain reliever.

C-Section Photo Essay
A Fit Pregnancy editor takes us behind the scenes at the C-section delivery of her twins.

Avoid Intervention
When it comes to natural childbirth, knowledge really is power. If you're hoping to avoid interventions such as induction, episiotomy, or C-section, it's important to be informed and to ask questions.

The Perfect Partner
Some dads-to-be are duds in the delivery room. Here's how to prepare your guy for labor day.

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