Pregnant Zookeeper Uses Adorable Animals to Document Her Baby's Growth

So cute! This pregnant zookeeper has found a completely original and adorable way to visualize her baby's size.

If you never want to hear the phrase "your baby is the size of a kumquat" again, this story will be music to your ears: Zookeeper Jennifer Dew decided to document her baby's growth in a totally fresh way, and the results are so unbelievably cute.

Dew, who is in her third trimester of pregnancy, is an animal programs specialist at the Columbus Zoo. She hasn't just subverted the whole compare-the-size-of-your-fetus-to-a-piece-of-fruit trend; she's also put her own spin on the concept of maternity photos. We believe the best representations of a mom's pregnancy journey are the ones that really say something about who she is and what she hopes to instill in her children—by that measure, Dew's decision to showcase her obvious passion for animals is a great one.

Dew's love for animals will play a role in her daughter's identity as well. The mom-to-be said she'll name her daughter Gwendolyn “Winnie” Dew, a tribute to her late grandmother. 

“Nana was a huge support to me throughout my life and followed my career very closely,” she told The Huffington Post. “She knew my favorite animals’ birthdays and would always come to my zoo programs. I think some of my love for animals came from her. The bushbaby was one of her favorites!” 

Dew's decision to measure her baby's growth wasn't just about displaying her love of animals, though: She also pointed out that the size of fruits and veggies can be pretty inconsistent, which might make them unreliable yardsticks. 

How cute are these photos? Have you documented your pregnancy in any unusual way?