Spa Getaways

Some best bets for a day of prenatal bliss


1. Edamame Spa, Charlotte, N.C.

What we tried The Mom-to-Be New Life Massage, $98, relieves tension throughout the lower back and hips.

What it's like "My therapist was absolutely amazing--she spent plenty of time speaking with me before beginning the massage to find out exactly what I wanted out of the experience," says Miki Osherow, a 31-year-old mother of one in Charlotte, N.C., who was 32 weeks pregnant when she received the full-body massage.

Bring the spa home Keep skin moisturized and supple with a luxurious cream like Comfort Zone Illipe Butter, $40.


2. Barefoot & Pregnant, Sausalito, Calif.

What we tried The Prenatal Body Booster, $135, is a full-body scrub that gently exfoliates with finely ground olive pits. It's followed by a rose oil massage to soothe dry and itchy skin.

What it's like "It was the most heavenly experience," says Zoe Cohen, a 38-year-old acupuncturist in Oakland, Calif., who was 13 weeks pregnant at the time. "Between the scrub and the rose oil massage, I left with the silkiest skin, and my itching had disappeared."

Bring the spa home Exfoliate skin with B & P Smooth as a Baby's Bottom, $25, a body lotion containing glycolic acid.


3. Spabebe, New York, N.Y.

What we tried The Tired Leg Treatment, $65, is a leg and foot massage aimed at reducing aches, fluid retention and inflammation.

What it's like Walking all over New York City at 29 weeks pregnant left 34-year-old Eva Rapp completely exhausted: "After the treatment, my legs felt rejuvenated and were much less swollen."

Bring the spa home Rub your tootsies with Mama Mio Wonder-ful Balm, $25, a hydrating treat for dry feet and heels.


4. Spa Ojai, Ojai, Calif.

What we tried The Maternity Bliss Day Package, $465, features a facial, body treatment, pregnancy massage, prenatal yoga session and lunch.

What it's like Shonna Owen, a 30-year-old from Hermosa Beach, Calif., wasn't sure how a massage would feel with a 7 1/2-months-pregnant belly: "But after a facial, massage and foot rub, I didn't want to leave--ever!"

Bring the spa home Give yourself a daily facial with Decleor Harmonie Essentielle Ultra Soothing Cream, $66, a calming moisturizer for all skin types.