Taking Care of You

Take our advice: A happy Mom makes a happy baby!


Moms-to-be and new moms are all about their babies. And why wouldn't they be? Moms want to provide for their newborns' every need. But we at Fit Pregnancy believe that it's just as important for new moms to care for themselves. After all, new moms are experiencing a new transition in their lives--a time when both their bodies and their souls could use some special attention. The Taking Care of You Guide offers tips on just how to do that. The guide covers subjects as varied as pampering your skin, making the perfect healthy snack, communing with your soul through meditation or yoga, indulging your need for rest, paying attention to your dreams, embracing your new body, and pre- and post-baby sex.

Take our advice: Pamper yourself in ways that feel right. A happy Mom makes a happy baby!

Taking Care of Your Body

Calm Mind, Strong Body

Our prenatal workout combines tai chi, yoga and pilates to help you relax and stay fit

Stress-Easing Workout

These at-home exercises for new moms are designed to strengthen your abs, chest, lower back and legs.

New-Mom Checkup

Why your own first medical exam after having a baby is as important as your newborn's

Comfort food

All your heartwarming favorites -- mac-and-cheese and fried chicken -- with a twist: They're low-fat and nutrient-rich for pregnancy.

Looking your best

Baby Your Skin

Say goodbye to itchy patches, brown blotches and bizarre breakouts.

Soothe Your Soles

Take a load off with these cooling treats for legs and feet

Mama's Got A Brand-New Bag

Clean up your makeup routine with these pregnancy-safe products.

Enjoying an intimate connection

You Can Do It

The art of enjoying sex throughout your pregnancy

The First Time

Sex after having a baby poses unique challenges. Here are some fun solutions.

Taking Care of Your Soul

Pregnancy Pick-Me-Ups

From meditating to snacking to leg rubs, here are tips from 15 experts on how to boost your mood.

Dream On

Your unconscious thoughts can be a useful map to your pregnancy hopes, fantasies and fears.

Take it Easy

10 ways to slow down, worry less and enjoy your pregnancy