Video: Internet Helps Diagnose Pregnant Woman's Weird Symptom as Urgent Problem

This mom-to-be may have been laughing about her belly button at first, but not after her husband posted about it online.

In general, turning to the web to diagnose a health condition isn't advisable, especially when you're pregnant. But when one mom-to-be shared an odd symptom she was experiencing, it was the best decision she could have made.

It was her husband who posted the video to Reddit, and the pair were laughing about how their baby moving inside her caused her belly button to pop out several inches intermittently. Luckily, some viewers quickly realized something definitely wasn't right.

"That actually looks like a hernia," one commenter noted. "If that's your wife please get it looked at asap. Today."

Although the husband initially insisted his wife was a doctor and the symptom was completely normal, he soon posted, "You're right! She said it is an umbilical hernia!" Adding, "Reddit should just be my doctor."

Um, maybe that's not the best plan.But in this case, it's a good thing a random stranger pointed out what was actually going on with this woman's belly button. According to the Mayo Clinic, an umbilical hernia is most common in women who have weakened abdominal muscles due to multiple pregnancies. Although rare, sometimes protruding abdominal tissue can get stuck, cutting off its blood supply, and causing tissue damage and even gangrene. Surgery is typically recommended to prevent complications.

We don't know if this mom underwent surgery, but we do know she probably isn't laughing when her belly button pops out anymore. Here's hoping both she and her soon-to-be-born baby are OK. Possible baby name suggestion: Reddit?