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Many women experience vivid dreams during pregnancy.


Many women experience vivid dreams during pregnancy, and no wonder—they're dealing with huge changes in their physical, emotional and spiritual selves, says Raina Manuel-Paris, Ph.D., author of The Mother-to-Be's Dream Book (Warner Books). Here are some common themes by trimester:

First Trimester: Women tend to dream about their past: childhood experiences, ex-boyfriends and parents. These dreams are a subconscious way of coming to terms with their new identity and letting go of the old.

Second Trimester: Anxiety dreams abound, especially for first-time moms who may be insecure about their ability to mother. Women sometimes dream that their babies are animals; they're bonding with their child in an instinctual, primal way.

Third Trimester: Late-pregnancy moms often dream of delving into water, which symbolizes going deep within yourself to prepare for birth. Anxiety-related labor dreams may contain off-the-wall birth scenarios.