Wireless Warning

Keep cellphones and wireless gadgets far from your baby bump . . . just in case.


Cellphone users should consider ways to protect themselves from radio frequency radiation, particularly if they’re pregnant. Environmental health experts point to studies that have found links between long-term cellphone use and tumors of the head and brain. The studies also show that a child’s brain absorbs more of the radiation than an adult’s, and that kids who use cellphones themselves or whose mothers used them during pregnancy have higher risks of behavior problems.

Pregnant women should be extremely cautious when using cellphones, cordless phones and other wireless technology, including Internet connections, according to Jennifer Armstrong, M.D., president of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. “It’s the precaution principle: Better to be safe than sorry,” she says. “When you have [fetal] cells that are dividing and trying to grow, you don’t want anything to interfere with that.”

It’s best not to sleep near a cellphone, wear it on a belt, carry it in a purse near your abdomen or use it in a moving car, where it emits even more radiation while searching for a signal. Use a landline phone for long calls, and replace your computer’s wireless router with one that’s hard-wired. Find a list of cellphones with the lowest radio frequency emissions at ewg.org.

Do you worry about using wireless while pregnant?