Wow! What This Pregnant Artist on Bed Rest Did to Kill Time Will Amaze You

How artist Kristen Somody Whalen is making the rest of us look like slackers.

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Artist Kristen Somody Whalen struggled with infertility for seven long years before her current, viable pregnancy. It hasn't been easy this time, either—she's currently in the hospital on bed rest due to premature rupture of membranes, according to

Many of us would take the opportunity to flip through magazines and catch up on reality TV, but this is one mama who isn't interested in taking a pregnant pause. Instead, she has created art out of her boredom, in the form of a watercolor and ink series called "Flowers With Legs."

Her inspiration? Fresh flowers and shoes. "Nothing inspires me like fresh flowers," Whalen explains, adding, "It was so satisfying drawing the shoes. It felt like they were mine."

Kristen's pregnant belly serves as an inspiration, too, as she imagines the things she might do if not expecting. Like skydiving!

But the artist admits her musings are about more than just fun. "It's the way I entertain myself to keep my mind off of something traumatic," she opens up. " It's all just kind of therapy." In fact, Kristen says that during her years-long struggle to conceive, she "almost died of heartbreak."

She's looking forward now, though, visualizing the day she can share her drawings with her baby. "I can't wait to put [my art] in [my son's] baby book and say, 'Look what Mommy made while you were in her belly in the hospital.'"

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The #Gerberadaisy in the room next to mine delivered her #babysbreath naturally without any #epidural and claims that her #christianlouboutin So Kate 120 Python Point-Toe Pumps acted as a natural #laborpain control manager. Now @stonybrookmedicine is wanting to do a randomized controlled study to see if the #loubs truly work or if this is an isolated incident. Anyone interested in being a part of the pilot study should post a selfie wearing a baby bump and stilettos and tag @stonybrookmedicine and @flowerswithlegs -- In all seriousness this image was a conceptual collaboration between me and my doctor Isabel Eisner MD - and it's going on the #hospistu gallery wall. Also she will be joining me in my studio tomorrow for an hour of painting together so stay tuned. Also a quick shoutout to Mike Chadwick for the gorgeous bouquet without which I would have had no baby's breath for this piece! It came at just the right time. #thisisbedrest #32weekswithabrokenwater #currentlygrowingahuman #bebeboywhalen #whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoupaint #paintinginhospitalswithdoctors

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If there is one silver lining to being on bed rest, Kristen admits that she has grown as an artist because she has all the time in the world. Well, enjoy it now, mama, because once your little one finally arrives, that will be a distant memory!

Not that she has to wait too much longer. In a week doctors plan to induce her labor, and Kristen is hoping her son's birthday can be June 7—seven for the years she spent dreaming of holding him in her arms.