Your Baby Registry

basic registry tips


Limit your list. Use constraint so gift givers aren’t burdened with exhaustive printouts, and be sure to list both expensive and inexpensive items. Find out what you really need, too: “Study baby-product books and get honest feedback from experienced parents first,” advises Kate Ward, editor of

Read the fine print. Determine each store’s privacy and gift-return policies. Web purchases may have to be returned by mail.

Save your receipts. You’ll need a sales or gift receipt (and intact packaging) to return unwanted items. (Be careful to avoid duplicates.)

Revise frequently. Update your registry every few weeks when you change your mind about products and to ensure that no one else has the same name and hometown as you. This is especially important if you register with more than one store.

Encourage gift sharing. “Suggest that gift givers contact your shower host if they want to pitch in to share the cost of an expensive necessity, such as a stroller, car seat or crib,” says Target spokeswoman Jana O’Leary.