Pregnancy News

Baby Wipes Recall: October 2014

Here's what you need to know about a nationwide recall for major store brands of wipes that were distributed before October 2014.

Breathtaking En Caul Twin Home Birth Caught on Camera

An award-winning photographer captured this en caul home birth of twins so perfectly--you have to see photos of this rare, one in 80,000 occurrence.

Want to Hear Your Baby's Heartbeat at Home? There's an App for That

A new app will let you hear your baby's heartbeat whenever you want. Here's how the amazing technology works.

How Third-Trimester Exercise Benefits Your Baby

It's never too late to start moving

Here's What Really Happens Inside Your Body During Pregnancy

Have you ever wondered what's really going on inside your body during pregnancy? This animation shows how your organs shift to make carrying a baby possible.

High-Intensity Workouts During Pregnancy: Safe or Sorry?

Understanding risks, and taking precautions, are key to staying safe while getting your prenatal sweat on.

Cleaning During Pregnancy: Redistribute the Chores

Certain households tasks are going to be off-limits at some point in your pregnancy

6 Decorated Baby Bumps You Should See

Pregnant bellies are an irresistable blank canvas. If you're feeling the urge to dress up your bump, get inspiration (and some smart tips) to make it easier from artist Lenore Koppelman.

Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

When you get that positive pregnancy test, you can't wait for the next milestone: telling your family and friends. Check out the fun ways these expectant parents shared their big baby news.

9 Awesome Celebrity Halloween Costumes to Rock While You're Pregnant

When you feel like you're carrying a jack-o-lantern up front, it's hard to imagine making an appearance as anything other than Linus's Great Pumpkin at your friend's annual Halloween bash. But from actress Liv Tyler's funny pun to singer Jessica Simpson's traditional horror classic, we found plenty of Hollywood celebrities who didn't let a little baby bump stop them from being trick-or-treat ready. So, if you're stepping out this Halloween, put down that decaf pumpkin spice latte and get ready to take notes. We've rounded up 10 looks to inspire you and your own little pumpkin.

9 Months Pass in 48 Seconds in This Cute Pregnancy Time-Lapse Video

A clever time-lapse video uses a balloon to mirror the growth of a mom's belly over nine months of pregnancy.

Why You Should Think Before Taking Antibiotics While Pregnant

A new study details guidelines for women considering antibiotics while pregnant--as well as what the possible dangers are, especially during the third trimester.

Listeria Outbreak Reported from Bagged Salad

There is a scary listeria outbreak happening that reportedly originated from Dole salad bags produced in Springfield, Ohio. Here's what you need to know about it.

Zika is Dangerous in Any Stage of Pregnancy

According to a recent study, the Zika virus comes with dangerous side effects no matter what stage of pregnancy you're in when affected, so avoid it if you can.

Brie Bella Says Becoming Pregnant Was 'One of the Greatest Moments of My Life'

Always a fierce presence in the ring, wrestler Brie Bella is not shy about her hopes for birth and motherhood. Her can-do attitude will get you pumped!

New Report Confirms It: Pregnant Women Should Really, Really Be Exercising

Think pregnancy is an excuse to stay far away from the gym? Think again. A new report confirms what we've been saying about the importance of prenatal fitness.

The Pregnancy Disorder That Three Out of Four Women Have

Constipation and other bowel problems affect 72 percent of pregnant women.

Fake Pregnancy Announcements Are Trending on Facebook, and It Is Not Ok

Prank pregnancy announcements are flooding social media feeds and a lot of people aren't happy about it.

Science Confirms What We've Always Known: Morning Sickness is a Good Sign

Are you struggling with morning sickness? If so, take comfort in this: It can actually be a sign of a healthy pregnancy.

'Pregnancy Band' Allows Dad to Feel Baby's Kicks

5 more ways to encourage daddy bonding.

Gaining Weight for Three

When you're expecting twins, adding pounds earlier is a good thing.

The Best Postpartum Birth Control

Considering a birth control implant or IUD? Eight things you need to know.

Your Pregnancy Weight Could Impact Your Baby's Risk of Cerebral Palsy

According to new research, being at a healthy weight pre-pregnancy could be important in preventing cerebral palsy.

Why Pregnant Women Are So Tasty to Mosquitoes

5 tips for staying bite-free this summer.

The History of the New Year's Baby

A New Year's baby may mean a showering of gifts and a bevy of media attention.