Alicia Keys Tumbles in Heels

07.07.10 Lesson learned: Think twice before stepping out in stiletto heels like the mom-to-be celebrities wear.


There is a reason people usually don't use the words "pregnancy" and "high heels" in the same sentence. Over the weekend, pregnant singer Alicia Keys took an onstage tumble in her 4-inch heels while singing "Love is Blind," the New York Daily News and The Huffington Post report. According to the video posted on both sites from the New Orleans event on Saturday, Keys was only on the ground for seconds before getting back up on her feet. Her fans in attendance were surely concerned to see the expectant singer fall on her butt.

The mom-to-be and her baby are both fine and were not hurt, both websites report.

There's nothing like a pregnancy to throw you off balance—literally. Fit Pregnancy reported on a 2008 study that found an evolutionary adaptation to the female spine makes it easier for pregnant women to wield their front-heavy baby bumps.

When it comes to footwear, the Pregnancy Police is out in full force if they see a pregnant woman wearing the "wrong" shoes. Recently, Crib Notes took note of a new study that said high heels were too risky for expectant women to wear. That same week, other researchers said Uggs and flip-flops were just as problematic when a woman is pregnant.

Fit Pregnancy advises: If you're used to wearing these shoes and are comfortable in them, go for it!

Maria Vega is Fit Pregnancy magazine's copy editor.