Are Babies A No-No During Recession?

02.11.09 Uncertain economy means bye-bye baby for some couples and families


Babies can be expensive. And in this current economic downturn, having children seems increasingly out of reach for some people, according to recent news reports. With rising unemployment numbers and home foreclosures, whether or not to add a branch to the family tree has become a hot topic among parents, reports.

Meanwhile, The New York Times heard from women who would like to have another baby but said pregnancy would just add to their already-heightened fears of living paycheck-to-paycheck; how some have resigned themselves to being mom in "an only child family." And this doesn't just apply to the "old-fashioned" way of adding to the family. The New York Times also suggests that financial woes also mean fewer adoptions and technology-assisted pregnancies.

Nearly half of all Americans in a recent survey said they are now less likely to have children, and many are postponing other major life events, The Daily Beast reports.

A fear of finances is nothing new. Even dads have money worries. If you're emotionally mature and both parents want children, don't let money fears stop you. Pulling together is the start to any good parenting team. Don't forget to communicate—keep these six ways in mind to keep your marriage intact.

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Maria Vega is Fit Pregnancy magazine's copy editor.