Baby Bauble: Brilliant or Bust?

"Push presents" are becoming more popular among star moms and everyday moms alike.

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Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe revealed that her husband gave her a "push present" after the birth of their first baby, son Skyler Morrison. The gift: a 10-carat diamond ring. The price: $250,000.

Also referred to as a "baby bauble," push presents are gifts given by a dad to a mom shortly after the birth of a baby as a thank you for dealing with pregnancy and "pushing" through labor, or as a way to commemorate the event.

The present—which is usually jewelry (but doesn't have to be)—has gained popularity in the last decade. Once a new mom gets such a gift, word spreads among friends, family and others (not to mention husbands!), and thus it's on its way to sparking a new trend.

* Actress Sarah Jessica Parker has a $6,000 charm bracelet that her actor husband Matthew Broderick gave her upon the birth of their son, James Wilke.

* Actress Jennifer Garner received a diamond ring from Ben Affleck when she delivered daughter Violet.

* Actress Naomi Watts was presented a diamond and platinum locket from her boyfriend, actor Liev Schrieber, after the birth of their first son, Alexander.

According to Fox News, the tradition of husbands giving their wives gifts to mark a birth has longstanding cultural roots. "In England, the man is expected to buy the woman an elegant ring. In India, the husband bestows a set of gold jewelry to his wife, offering more elaborate baubles for baby boys than girls," the Fox News article reported.

So if jewelry isn't your thing, maybe your partner could give you something less extravagant and more practical as a gift after your bundle of joy arrives. What about a day at the spa after a stretch of sleepless new-baby nights? Our Spa Getaway page has plenty of possible day trips for prenatal bliss that also work well (and are safe!) for new moms.

And probably the best present of all: alone time to rest and recoup. Browse through our Body & Soul page for the keys to recovering from childbirth and taking care of yourself, too.

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Maria Vega is FitPregnancy magazine's former copy editor.