How Baby-Safe Is Your Home?

Our best babyproofing tips


We're on our third set of cabinet latches. Charlie "Houdini" Rousmaniere has managed to break the last two sets. And while I personally struggle to open a cabinet locked down by the third set of latches, Charlie easily slips them off, gets what he needs out of the cabinet, then very thoughtfully puts the latch back on the cabinet.

It looks like I'll be shopping for our fourth set of cabinet latches this weekend.

If you're expecting right now, it's a good time to think about getting some latches of your own. This September marks the 25th anniversary of Baby Safety Month, sponsored annually by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). In honor of Baby Safety Month, here are a few of our best childproofing tips:

For starters, take our baby safety quiz to test your knowledge of common household hazards. Then, scroll over these household areas to see what's most important to childproof. And check out these simple strategies for keeping your baby safe at home.

Childproofing doesn't begin and end at home. Chances are your little one, like some 90 percent of young children, has been—or will be—riding unsafely in your vehicle at some point. Here's what you need to know about keeping your baby safe in the car, from buying the right car seat to installing it properly.

You'll also want to make sure the baby gear you have is safe. Sign up for our free newsletter to get monthly updates on the latest baby gear recalls e-mailed direclty to your inbox.

Finally, see how your city ranks in terms of overall safety, including crime rates, pedestrian fatality rates, and availability of car seat check stations.

No matter how vigilant you are, accidents are bound to happen. Be sure to brush up on your knowledge of infant first aid before you need to use it.

Dana Rousmaniere is's Manging Editor. There have been times when she's fantasized about bubble wrapping her babies.