Baby's First Halloween

10.21.08: Last-minute costume ideas


This is Charlie, my little New England "lobstah," dressed up for his first Halloween last year. My mom found the costume second-hand, and I loved the way that it was made specifically for crawling babies, so that Charlie looked like a hilarious little cartoon lobster scuttling along the ocean floor as he crawled across our kitchen floor. (Sorry, Charlie.) This year, he's going to be a tiger, and is already practicing his super-scary (wink wink) "Raaaaaarr" every day. Charlie's friend Henry, who loves to moooo, is naturally dressing up as a cow. My sister is dressing her three little girls as the three little pigs. And our diva, Julia, is going on year three as a princess. (For her first two Halloweens, before she had any say in the matter, I dressed her as a chili pepper and a flower, with pink petals framing her chubby pink cheeks.)

I'm not sure if this holiday is more fun for the kids, or for me, since I get to dress up my little cuties and then go door to door to show them off to the entire neighborhood. And hey—there's candy to boot. (Which we're careful to "sort" when we get home, putting a good chunk of it in mom & dad's super-secret late-night stash—wouldn't want to rot all those milky white baby teeth now, would we?)

Looking for last-minute costume ideas for your baby's first Halloween? Check out your local Babies R' Us, or try online at One Step Ahead. Baby Style currently has a 50% off sale running in their costume boo-tique. Or, if you're feeling crafty, pull out a pair of footie pajamas, grab some felt and pipe cleaners, and get creative. Got an costume idea to share? Tell us about it in the comments section below. Here's a great idea from LilSugar: turn an old bridesmaid dress into a cinderella dress for your little princess.

If you do decide to let your little one indulge in some first trick-or-treat sweets, be sure to check out our handy guide to taking care of your baby's teeth. And if you're pregnant, this is one night when you don't have to feel guilty about indulging in a little "Vitamin C." Afterall, chocolate is scientifically proven to make the sweetest babies.

Happy Halloween!

Dana Rousmaniere is's Managing Editor. When she was pregnant with Charlie, her huge round belly doubled as a great jack-o-lantern.