Best U.S. Firms for Working Moms

09.23.09 Magazine names Top 100 firms with family-friendly policies for employees

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Being a working mom can be tough, but it looks like the recession has made it a tiny bit harder, reports Working Mother magazine. In its annual rankings of the Best 100 Companies for Working Mothers, the magazine named the best U.S firms that have kept or expanded family-friendly programs and policies despite the cost-cutting pressures of the ongoing recession. (Click here for the magazine's complete company rankings.)

In the survey of 100, Working Mother found 98 percent offer job-sharing and 94 percent allow compressed work weeks; 86 percent make available back-up child care and 62 percent provide sick-child care.

However, the magazine did say that some companies are cutting their flexibility policies. For example, The New York Times reports that Eli Lilly and Co., which is known for its family-friendly work policies, eliminated its four/10-hour-day work option. The company confirmed the move, saying "the decision was designed to insure that more employees were on site during core work hours," The Times reports.

For many working women, it's important to balance work and home life. But it's not always possible, triggering worries in many families. But you're not alone! Recently Crib Notes reported on how many women and families are rethinking maternity leave because of worries over job security and money woes. Not to mention driving many moms back into the work force after years at home taking care of their children, The Times reports

After giving birth, returning to work can trigger unexpected emotions, but there are ways to ease the transition. Experts advise women to ask a lot of questions about their company's maternity leave policy, and especially not to feel bullied into taking less time than they deserve. Take a peek at our 10 Challenges, 10 Solutions for a detailed look at working mom issues.

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Maria Vega is Fit Pregnancy magazine's copy editor.