Birth Education via YouTube

07.07.09 Winners unveiled in contest to raise awareness about labor and delivery choices

Delivery room.jpg

Earlier this year, Virginia nonprofit Birth Matters invited moms, dads and anyone else interested to post their best 4- to 7-minute videos about childbirth on YouTube. The results: About 40 videos on topics ranging from personal birth journeys to the role of doulas to Cesarean sections and a birth experience in the Amish culture. The judges' panel included former TV host Ricki Lake, birth experts and authors.

This week, the group announced its winners! First prize (and $1,000!) went to Ragan Cohen of California with her video about preventing a C-section.

Second place (and $500) went to Laura Alvarez of Wisconsin and her take on the nature of natural birth.

And last but not least: Third prize (and $100) was awarded to Becky Carey of Virginia and her short video called Misconception.

The group saw the contest as another step toward its goal of educating women about their options during their childbearing years. After all, having the labor and delivery experience that you want starts with knowing what to expect. Remember, from traditional to alternative, there's a world of choices when it comes to childbirth.

A woman's fear factor can also play a role. If you dread delivery, check out our tips on what you can do to overcome your anxiety and have a better birth experience.

Maria Vega is Fit Pregnancy magazine's copy editor.