Can You Relate to This Pregnancy-Related 'Big Big Bang Theory' Storyline?

The popular comedy shed some light on an important pregnancy-related issue few people ever discuss.

We are constantly hearing about how over the moon couples feel when they learn they're having a baby—and while we absolutely understand how amazing it feels when you learn you're pregnant, we also know that for a lot of women, the realization ushers in some complicated emotions.

No matter how prepared you are or how badly you want a baby, it's so, so natural to freak out a little bit when you discover it's actually happening. Pregnancy is a major life change, and motherhood is an even bigger one. There is nothing wrong with feeling scared, overwhelmed, uncertain, or just plain off when you see that positive pregnancy test.

But unfortunately, those conflicting emotions are rarely touched upon—and because of that, we can bet a lot of people blame themselves for not being as happy as they expected at the start of pregnancy. On a recent episode of the Big Bang Theory, one of the characters finally went there. Bernadette struggled a bit with her own pregnancy—specifically, she wondered how becoming a mom would affect her career. And can't we all relate to this? 

Bernadette lamented that she should be more invested in planning for her role as a mom, and for her baby's arrival—but it just wasn't happening for her. Between the hormonal shift that occurs during pregnancy, the constant fatigue, the nausea, the discomfort and the way your body seems to change can make getting excited for the future really tough.

It's all actually incredibly true-to-life: Stressing about how pregnancy and motherhood will change your life is not only natural, it's a pretty common thing. The issue is, since we as a society rarely discuss these sentiments, it's so easy for pregnant women to beat themselves up when they go through this.

The issue of wondering how a baby will affect your career is also so important to discuss. There's an incredible amount of pressure placed on women these days: Conversations about whether or not we can "have it all" are ubiquitous, and juggling your duties as a mom along with your role at work is no small feat. We're sure so many of you can relate to this particular fear—and her ambivalence over the pregnancy as a whole. 

Have you been struggling with similar feelings in your own pregnancy? If so, we hope you'll take this storyline as a sign that you're not alone.