Celebrating Mom

5.5.08: Wishing you a happy Mother'’s Day


This Sunday, May 11th, we honor moms and moms-to-be everywhere—for all that you do, each and every day.

For many of you, this will mark the first Mother'’s Day where you'’re celebrating your own status as a mom. It'’s a whole new world. You'’ve changed. You've transformed. You're a mother. Feeling clueless about what it all means? Our ">New Mom'’s Handbook has the answers to the five things that worry you most.

Mother's Day is a chance for us all to stop and reflect on what it means to be called 'Mommy.' And as a new mother yourself, you're probably thinking of your own mother this week with a new understanding and a newfound appreciation for what she's meant in your own life.

If there's one thing for certain, it's that we moms deserve a break this week! Even June Cleaver was constantly shooing the Beaver outside to play. If TV's 탼bermom was allowed a little me-time, aren't you? Whether it's a chance to lounge around in a warm bath or take a trip to the spa to relax and unwind, you deserve a little downtime. It's especially important to get some mommy time if you've got a newborn in the house.

Maybe one of the most important things we can all take away from this day is that no matter what our circumstances or parenting styles, we're all trying to do our best for our babies. One of the best gifts you can give yourself this Mother's Day is the inner peace of knowing that the mother you are is exactly the mother you need to be.

Happy Mother'’s Day!

Dana Rousmaniere is FitPregnancy.com'’s Managing Editor. She'’s looking forward to celebrating her 1,445th day as a mother.