Deena Kastor Talks Breastfeeding

02.01.11 Olympic runner and new mom chats with Best For Babes about her breastfeeding experience.


Deena Kastor, an Olympic bronze medalist in running, welcomed a daughter, Piper, 10 months ago. The American record-holder in marathon running shares with Best For Babes that she is treating breastfeeding like training for a race is a game plan for success. Deena’s steady focus on her goal and smart choices took her from breastfeeding intention to a strong finish.

"I think running helped in my entire approach to pregnancy, breastfeeding and raising Piper," Deena tells Best For Babes. "I would focus on the desired outcome and then make choices to get to my desired goal."

Deena explains, "I was lucky that Piper latched immediately in the hospital, but I did have a hard time producing enough for her monstrous appetite." Keeping her water bottle with her while nursing helped Deena to stay hydrated noting it was her "biggest necessity to produce enough milk" and to help "stabilize my tired self throughout the day."

As for advice on regaining her former fitness levels before baby, "The only thing that got me back into shape was rest." Emphasizing how "it is really important to take care of ourselves without the guilt of feeling selfish" and listening to her body "was more valuable than any book I read."

Above Deena Kastor, 38, winning her first race since having Piper, the San Jose Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon. Photo courtesy of Andrew Kastor.

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