Eco-friendly Mattresses for Baby

Trying to green a little one's bed might be too much for some parents.


As a parent you want to do what's best for your new baby, including buying the best and healthiest products, right? So your mind naturally turns to "green" items. Easier said than done, especially when it comes to mattresses, The New York Times reports.

A recent NYT article explored the questions plaguing some new parents when it comes to picking out chemical-free crib mattress. One parent quoted said "It kind of became an obsession." The problem arises when it comes to reading labels. Experts and parents said it has become harder for consumers to sort through manufacturers' label claims.

Mattresses with an "organic," "natural" or "eco-friendly" label are increasingly common. However, there seems to be little control over what all those labels really mean—no government agency regulates the labeling of mattresses with those terms, the NYT reports.

The question of what's really in a mattress is important to some parents and health experts who believe that any product made with synthetic materials can carry potential health risks. However, other researchers say the issue of organic vs. nonorganic mattresses is just a marketing tactic.

Like everything else that touches your baby, do your homework. Only you as a parent can make these decisions. For more information on making the healthiest environment for you and your new baby, check out our Going Green section. And for a listing of mattress sellers we've featured in the past, visit our Green Companies listings.

And don't forget, put your baby down to sleep on his or her back to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).