The End of Drop-Side Cribs

03.25.09 Manufacturers to ban model after major injuries reported


Crib makers are proposing a ban on drop-side cribs because of concerns over infant deaths, injuries and a series of recent recalls, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The cribs in question allow parents to raise and lower one side for easy access. Bad designs, missing pieces and worn-out hardware caused the adjustable railings to separate from cribs, often without parents noticing, the Tribune reports. Babies' bodies slid through the gaps, often resulting in major injuries and in some cases strangulation.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has been weighing tougher federal rules to head off these hazards. The new safety rules would require that all four sides of the crib be rigidly attached to one another, which essentially would end production of the drop-side style. That would eliminate the moving parts that have broken loose and created entrapment hazards. The CPSC also reports that at least three children have died in drop-side cribs in the past 18 months.

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Maria Vega is Fit Pregnancy magazine's copy editor.