Extended Breastfeeding Gets A Reality Show

07.13.12 Producers working on real-life look at "extreme parenting," including moms who nurse their children beyond infancy.


Coming soon to a boob tube near you: a reality show on extended breastfeeding. The New York Post and Yahoo! Canada report that the producers of Lifetime's "Dance Moms" are "developing a new TV show about extreme parenting," which includes women who nurse beyond infancy.

According to Jeff Collins, president of Collins Avenue Productions, "That Time magazine cover proves what I've been saying for the last year — America has become a country of extremes. I think it's so fascinating that some Americans find the image of a woman breastfeeding provocative, shocking, even sexual when, in fact, it's the most natural thing in the world," as quoted in the Yahoo! Canada article.

Many moms who nurse their children into toddlerhood and beyond don't consider what they're doing as "extreme." "I didn't set out to nurse a 3-year-old," said Jessica Cary of Brooklyn, N.Y., as quoted in the New York Post article. "But two years came and went. Now breastfeeding and mothering are so intertwined for me."

Reaction to the show has been mixed. A Time magazine writer says that most of the women who nurse for this long "aren't seeking media attention. They're simply making a feeding choice." Meanwhile, our friends over at The Stir make a valid point, too: "The concept of extended breastfeeding might spark some spirited mommy war battles of the virtual variety, but the reality of extended breastfeeding doesn't exactly make for gotta-see TV."

The production company is in talks with several networks, so there's no word yet on where the show will air, Yahoo! Canada reports, "but it will probably launch sometime this fall."

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