Facebook Apologizes Over Birth Photos

01.11.11 Social networking site says sorry to photographer for disabling her account that had breastfeeding, birth photos.

Breastfeeding Baby_1.jpg

Facebook strikes again!

The popular social networking site last month removed an Iowa photographer's images of births and breastfeeding and disabled her account, citing her content as obscene and inappropriate, MSNBC.com reports.

Photographer Laura Eckert received an apology last Thursday from Facebook, which restored her account, MSNBC said in its online article. The company called its decision to deactivate her account an "error," according to MSNBC.

Eckert said she did get a warning earlier about photos not meeting Facebook's terms of use. Eckert is a birth and maternity photographer who regularly posts photos of women nursing, in labor and at other stages of their pregnancies.

Her friends rallied to support her and formed an online group to lobby for her reinstatement. A Facebook spokesman told MSNBC that the company reviews thousands of pieces of content daily to ensure Facebook remains a safe and trusted environment for everyone. "Of course, we make an occasional mistake. When this happens, and it's brought to our attention, we work quickly to resolve the issue," said Facebook's Simin Axten, as quoted by MSNBC.

This isn't the first time Facebook has targeted breastfeeding and other maternity photos on its site. Last year, Crib Notes reported on the massive online battle after Facebook started removing certain images of breastfeeding women from users' profile sites.

Our friends over at LilSugar last year posted an interesting poll: When does a birth photo become TMI for Facebook? Well, 74 percent of the website's readers said Facebook isn't an appropriate place to share such images. Fit Pregnancy has always advocated for a woman's right to breastfeed whenever and wherever she wants. Browse through our Adventures in Breastfeeding stories, which explore the trials and tribulations encountered by some new moms.

Maria Vega is Fit Pregnancy magazine's copy editor.