Fun in the Sun

Tips for a safe and healthy summer.


Summer is a great time to be pregnant. For starters, instead of sucking in your stomach, you can proudly bare your bump on the beach. Shopping for the perfect bathing suit? Check out our tips on buying a maternity swimsuit, as seen on the Today Show. It's also prime time to bare your arms and legs to the world, and this prenatal workout developed by Fit Pregnancy fitness editor Teri Hanson can help firm, shape and strengthen those highly visible parts. Plus, check out our walking and swimming workouts—two great ways to get out of the house and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air.

Take advantage of summer's abundance of fresh fruits and veggies with ideas from our Recipe Finder. Fire up the grill for some chicken with watermelon barbecue sauce. Dine alfresco with these super salads, an ideal summer lunch or dinner. And why not try going exotic with some tropical fruits like guava, which peak in the summer season and offer a burst of prenatal nutrients.

Feeling the heat? Cool down with one of our refreshing smoothies or a summertime slush, packed with pregnancy nutrients. And check out the wonders of watermelon. More than just a summer picnic favorite, watermelon can help ease heartburn and reduce swelling, alleviate morning sickness and dehydration, and even help reduce the incidence of muscle cramps and preeclampsia.

And remember, safety first: don't miss our tips on protecting yourself from the sun's harmful UV rays, summer skin savers, and the reason why pregnant women and new moms who worry about outdoor air pollution might be wiser to worry about the air inside their cars.

Dana Rousmaniere is's Managing Editor. After a long cold winter, she's looking forward to a little fun in the sun.