Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

When you get that positive pregnancy test, you can't wait for the next milestone: telling your family and friends. Check out the fun ways these expectant parents shared their big baby news.

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Seasonal Props

If you find out you're expecting or are due near a major holiday, take a photo with seasonal props as a unique way to tell everyone that you're pregnant. A little pumpkin for the fall, a mini stocking for Christmas or a baby chick for Easter or spring are all fun decorations.

Credit: Alexandra Keller Photography

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Bump Ahead

Even the most subtle things can inspire a great pregnancy announcement. Working off the trendy "baby bump" phrase, this photographer put a "Bump Ahead" street sign to good use.

Credit: Julie Parker Photography

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Extra Pair of Glasses

Take a unique trait about yourself or your family and incorporate it into your announcement! This photographer/writer (and new mom!) used a tiny pair of glasses in this adorable pregnancy announcement to break the good news. She and her husband both wear glasses, so the prop was the perfect way to personalize the image.

Credit: Huong Nguyen Fralin

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Get Your Pet Involved

Pets are part of the family, so why not include them in the fun? Make a sign for your fur baby (or babies!) or place some baby props in the frame of the shot to show that there's going to be an addition to the family.

Credit: Meredith Moran Photography

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Pickles & Ice Cream

Everyone knows what pickles and ice cream mean! Use quintessential pregnancy items to drop the hint that you're expecting!

Credit: Valerie Koop, In The Moment Photography

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Coming Soon

Keep it simple and sweet with this customized announcement that you can print at home. Multiple color options available, and the wording can also be personalized.

Pregnancy announcement by EyeCandee Designs; $10 for custom image; EyeCandee Designs on Etsy

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Bun in the Oven

A perfect mix of old and new, this photo pregnancy announcement takes the traditional saying, "Someone has a bun in the oven," to a fun level. A twin version (a double bun in the oven) is also available.

Bun in the Oven announcement by Gwen Marie Designs; $15 for custom image; Gwen Marie Designs on Etsy

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New Leading Man

Make a mock movie poster to spread the word about your coming attraction. Use a photo of yourself and your partner, or use your ultrasound photo.

Credit: Reese Stanley Photography

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