Gender Predictions Turn to the Moon

Popular Chinese lunar calendars are fun but not necessarily fool-proof in guessing baby's sex

Ultrasound Small.jpg

Using a Chinese lunar calendar to predict your baby's gender is becoming increasingly popular. However, researchers found that your chances of an accurate answer are 50/50. But as many moms-to-be will attest, those calendars are 100 percent fun!

Scientists at the University of Michigan School of Public Health and colleagues in Sweden and Boston worked together to verify the accuracy of these popular Chinese lunar gender calendars that are popping up on pregnancy websites. The calendar is based on a formula using the mother's Chinese lunar age when she gets pregnant and the Chinese lunar month in which she actually conceives. (Don't worry, most sites do all these calculations for you after you type in a few dates.)

The study's findings: It's fun to use, but the calendar doesn't really improve your chances over a random guess. It's almost like flipping a coin.

So, it looks like you have two fool-proof choices: checking during an ultrasound (which only works if baby cooperates) or waiting until you deliver so you can see for yourself if it's a boy or girl. After all, that's what happened to our Baby on Board blogger when it was her turn to find out the sex of her third baby.

We know most moms are anxious to know if it's a boy or girl. Just remember though, some women feel a sense of disappointment over the final answer when they find out the sex of their baby. (Don't worry—it's totally normal!) On the flip side, one of our writers shares her experience of not being able to resist finding out her baby's gender.

Maria Vega is Fit Pregnancy magazine's copy editor.