Going Green

St. Patty's Day is the perfect time to go green


Today, our pussy willow tree is bursting with green buds. Our daughter's green-clad preschool class is parading around town behind a bagpiper, green shamrocks painted on all the kids' faces. Green shoots are poking through the earth, and this Thursday marks the first day of spring. Green is definitely in the air...

If you're pregnant or just had a baby, there's no time like the present to go green. We've got everything you need to know to detox your diet, clean up your immediate environment, and protect your growing family—all while you protect the planet.

Ready to get in touch with your inner Earth Mother? Take our quiz to see where you rate on the green scale. Then, check out our Going Green feature, where you'll find our lists of common chemicals to avoid, the most contaminated vs. least contaminated foods, green products and companies, and even green diapers.

Thinking of going organic? We'll tell you what this food label really means, and how to make the right food choices for you and your baby.

Going to a baby shower, or registering for baby gifts? Why not give a green gift. Check out our slideshow of toys made from the softest organic cotton, sustainable wood, and plant-based dyes. Your contribution toward a healthy planet and a healthy baby will be a gift that's sure to keep on giving.

And if your friends are all hoisting a green beer to celebrate St. Patty's Day today, there's no reason to feel left out in the cold. Treat yourself to our St. Patrick's Day-inspired Shamrock Smoothie—it's festive, it's fun, and—best of all—it's green.

Dana Rousmaniere is FitPregnancy.com's Managing Editor. Her babies have been the best reason to start going green.