iPhone Apps Target New Parents

11.19.08 Features make a mom's job a little bit easier (and dad's, too!)


Is there anything the iPhone can't do?

Word is out via ParentDish, LilSugar and tech websites that the Apple cellphone has new applications that cater to the high-tech moms and dads out there. Some of them are strictly for iPhones; others are iTouch compatible. Not all of them are winners (the Big Oven recipe tracker seems like a downer; but hey, someone out there will like it); but there are definitely some highlights in the bunch.

Let's start with the pricey ones (search for them in iTunes):

  • Birth Buddy: This tool ($10) tracks labor contractions, plus e-mails the info to your care provider and anxious family members who want to stay in the loop.
  • Life Record: Another pricey one ($49), this app allows a user to store family medical records and keep them handy when it's time to go to the doctor.

More affordable goodies:

  • Baby Monitor App: This feature (99 cents) turns into a baby monitor on the go. Just put the iPhone next to your snoozing baby, and when it detects a noise, the phone will automatically call your at the phone number of your choice.
  • Nursing Tracker: With just a few clicks, the Baby Tracker: Nursing App keeps count of your nursing sessions, including the length of time and the side you nursed on. This one is priced a little higher ($7.99).
  • Diaper Tracker: For a low 99 cents, you too can keep track of your baby's diapers. I know, eww. But there will come a time as a new parent when your pediatrician will ask about your newborn's bowel movements. There you go, the Baby Tracker: Diaper App is just what you need.
  • White Noise Lite App: First of all, it's free. That being said, the application creates eight soothing sounds to drown out noise while your baby naps or to help you relax after a hectic day. If eight options aren't enough, you can buy the full version for 99 cents. Still, a bargain.
  • Jott: This free application eliminates the need for a paper and pen when you remember an important detail and have to write it down this very second. Especially while you're driving! Just hit record on the iPhone app, speak into it and voila! The Jott application transcribes your voice into notes. Talk about useful.

The list of fun options goes on and on. But remember, you don't need an iPhone to be a new parent—but if you're a high-tech person, it sure is fun! Find out which baby gear is essential from our Absolute Basics listings. And of course, with a few choice luxuries included.

Maria Vega is Fit Pregnancy magazine's copy editor. She has an iPhone on her Christmas wish list this year.