Junk Food Babies

Why eating junk food isn't just bad for you.


We all know that junk food is bad for us. But, we're only just beginning to understand how bad it is for the babies we carry.

A new research study may just make it harder for you to justify giving in to your junk food cravings.

Researchers in London recently found that pregnant rats who ate junk food gave birth to offspring who not only gravitated toward junk food, but who grew up fatter than their counterparts even if they were given a healthy diet. Why? It seems that their fat cells grew larger due to the diet they were fed in utero and while nursing, making them more prone to obesity no matter what they ate.

I'm suddenly deeply regretting the 60 pounds worth of chocolate chip cookies I consumed while pregnant. Lucky for you, there's still time to change your unhealthy ways, and we've got tons of information to help. For starters, our labor nurse and real mom blogger, Jeanne Faulkner, pulls no punches when she explains why we need to get real about food. Plus, our editors have compiled these rules to eat by and some eating do's & don'ts, for everything you need to know about eating during pregnancy.

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And if you're still craving junk food, here are three recipes to satisfy any junk-food junkie.

Bon Appetit!

Dana Rousmaniere is FitPregnancy.com's Managing Editor. She may now need to reconsider whether chocolate makes happy babies.