In Labor? Don't Forget To Call The "Babyrazzi"

Moms-to-be turning to professional photographers to help document childbirth and first moments of new baby joy.


The new must-have for moms-to-be: a "babyrazzi" in the delivery room, according to various news reports. Many women are jumping at the chance to document the birth of a child using a professional photographer, just like they would use for all of life's other moments like a wedding, The New York Times and ABC's Good Morning America report.

"Birth was once considered a behind-closed-doors affair—a messy, painful and fearsome event where neither mothers nor babies looked their best. But now there is a surge of interest in the experience of childbirth, making it a much more open event for all involved," The New York Times reports. Not to mention, the willingness of people to share online via Facebook and other online social media platforms is fueling the boom in this once-niche trend. But the trend is not cheap. A typical birth photographer charges up to $3,500, some starting as low as $700, according to a report that aired on ABC's Good Morning America.

Photographers quoted in both reports say they always meet with the parents-to-be before the big day, and are usually on call for two weeks before the due date. The photographers also say that moms want it all when it comes to shots — from labor pains to the messy hair. And the so-called "money shots"? Gorgeous, intimate photos of grandparents, siblings, mom and dad meeting the baby for the first time.

Photographers emphasize in the reports that they don't intrude in the delivery room or during the home birth. They know that baby's and mom's health come first, so they stress to clients that they will stay out of the way while clicking away.

Or you can go the DIY way and have a family member or friend take photos with you. Check out our Going Digital page for more tips on capturing these special family moments. If you want to keep it private, take a lesson from one mom who learned when to put the camera down and enjoy the moment as a parent.