Laila Ali Answers Your Questions

Also, check out our upcoming cover mom chatting about new motherhood.


Laila Ali, the youngest daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali and a champion athlete in her own right, recently joined the Fit Pregnancy family—in more than one way. Ali is now answering your questions about prenatal and postpartum fitness, weight and exercise in our magazine's "Ask Laila Ali" feature.

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant is also going to grace the cover of our upcoming fall/winter issue (on sale Sept. 1) of Fit Pregnancy Presents Mom & Baby—along with her baby boy, Curtis Muhammad Conway Jr.

The cameras of the entertainment show The Insider were on hand to capture the recent photo shoot and a reunion with Dancing co-host Samantha Harris. Check out the video here of the two chatting friends with their two babies.

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Maria Vega is Fit Pregnancy magazine's copy editor.