Making Travel Easier with Baby

Remember to pack your patience and plenty of diapers when you travel for the holidays.


Is the thought of a long-distance holiday trip with your little one already making you anxious? Fear not, we're here to help ease your travel-with-baby concerns.

All of the recent news of new security measures has stirred up complaints from air passengers, The New York Times and USA Today report. Especially after seeing this upsetting video of a 3-year-old getting a pat-down by airport security agents. So much so that there's now a National Opt-Out Day scheduled for Nov. 24 to protest these new rules. If you're heading to the airport this holiday season, check out this rundown by LilSugar of the revised security procedures and how they will affect children.

Many parents are hitting the road instead of having to deal with the full-body image scan vs. pat-down question. So if you're packing up the car and heading to Grandma's house, remember to pack light because you'll probably end up bringing back more than what you left with (courtesy of generous grandparents).

Traveling with baby can be fun, but it can be hectic if you don't remember to bring the essentials. Print out this handy checklist to make sure you're not leaving anything behind! Before heading out, check out expert answers to some parents' most common questions of traveling with baby—car seat and all.

Once you actually get to your destination with your baby in tow, remember to be prepared and be considerate. Follow these tips from The Bump to make your visit as pleasant and festive as possible—and keep your hosts happy to have you and the little one around!

And one thing you have to remember to pack this holiday travel season: lots of patience. It might get a bit rough out there, but check out these holiday travel tips from those who are frequently on the go to help ease your worries.

Maria Vega is Fit Pregnancy magazine's copy editor.