Meet the Three Celeb Guys (Yes, Guys) Behind a New Pregnancy App

Actors Justin Baldoni and Travis Van Winkle, and rocker Travis Clark are the creators of a new app, "BellyBump," that lets you create time-lapse videos of your growing bump during pregnancy. Here's why it was a guy thing...

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When Justin Baldoni, the dreamboat star of Jane the Virgin, found out his wife and actress Emily Foxler was pregnant, he knew he wanted to capture the experience in some special way. He had seen time-lapse videos by popular YouTube content creators—like Tom and Giovanna Fletcher—documenting their pregnancies, and thought that might be the perfect way to do it.

He soon realized, though, that not only are these videos difficult to produce, taking perfectly-aligned pictures every day for nine months is also incredibly time-consuming. "Before I knew it, [Emily] was 9 months pregnant," Baldoni says. "And so I thought it would be cool if we could create an app that helped women capture their pregnancy and then share it in a really unique and simple way."

Enter BellyBump. The new app (iOS, $2.99), created in partnership with Baldoni's buds, actor Travis Van Winkle and Travis Clark of the rock band We The Kings, has everything you need to create polished time-lapse stories of your pregnancy: a movable outline that lets you line up your eyes and belly in the same location, an adjustable opacity feature that ensures your photos match day to day, scheduled reminders, plus the ability to customize your video with an original song by Clark or a song from your library.

"Every day you're pregnant, you're already kind of missing it," Baldoni says. "What's so cool about an app like this is it allows you to capture that moment of that day—the day you really started showing or whatever it is—and you'll be able to reference it in a little short movie that you'll have forever."

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Baldoni's daughter Maiya is now 10 months old, Clark has a 5-month-old daughter, Kinsley, with wife Jenny Robinson, and while Van Winkle isn't a dad (yet!), he plays one on the TV series, The Last Ship. Watching their daughters grow up so fast before their eyes, Baldoni and Clark realized a component of the app was missing, and set about adding a baby section so moms can document not only their growing bumps, but also their growing babies.

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"It's true what they say, it does really fly by, and before you know it your daughter or son will be in college and living their own life," Clark says. "BellyBump is a way to live in those moments just a little bit longer and also to remember them for the magic that they were."

Baldoni and Clark say fatherhood has changed them tremendously, and not just because they're now in the pregnancy app business. "I had lived slightly carefree, and with [Kinsley] I try to be an absolute role model," Clark says. "I just want to be the best man I possibly can and to show her that love is real and that we as a species can be the most amazing people, and the only way I can teach it is if I live it."

Nothing about his life is the same since becoming a father, Baldoni added. "I fell so much deeper in love with my wife through the pregnancy, and when she gave birth to Maiya, it was like she gave birth to my heart," he says. "It's like your heart is existing outside of your body, and so for me it's all about making sure my ideals and my deeds line up and that I'm out there creating a world that my daughter can feel safe in."

As for Van Winkle, he says the process of creating BellyBump, as well as seeing two of his closest friends become parents, has made him want the same in his own life. "To watch them go through this experience together and see how supportive they are and how they're so much a part of a community, it's just inspiring me to live a better life," he says.

"And let's be honest, we really just wanted to create an app so Travis [Van Winkle] could settle down, finally!" Baldoni jokes.

Peer pressure at its finest.