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03.17.10 Rising trend sees women giving their babies breast milk exclusively but not actually breastfeeding.

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We all know that breast is best when it comes to nutrition for your new baby. But if you're wondering how you can breastfeed and still have a life, there's a booming trend out there for you: pumping only. The number of mothers who are opting for breast milk but not the actual breastfeeding is on the rise, Time magazine reports.

Giving your baby exclusively pumped breast milk is a wonderful choice, but most health providers never mention it as an option to new moms, according to Time. There are no official figures on this trend, but the article suggests that the practice is definitely "not uncommon and perhaps even growing."

For pumping-only moms, their reasons ranged from disliking the feeling of a suckling baby to failing to latch to feeling uncomfortable nursing in public. One mom quoted in the Time article expressed feeling lonely, isolated and self-conscious when she was breastfeeding because people would leave the room when she started nursing.

Better breast pumps as well as a general lack of support for moms who breastfeed are helping to fuel this trend, says Time. Our Ask the Labor Nurse blogger touched on this subject in the past. Here, she offers some creative breastfeeding solutions for classic problems. Plus, here's our state-by-state resource list of places where you can get all the breastfeeding help you need!

Continuing to give your baby breast milk when you've returned to work takes some commitment, but it's well worth the effort. Here's our expert tips on the nuts and bolts of pumping breast milk for your baby.

A good breast pump is efficient, comfortable, easy to use and, most recently, BPA-free. Our top breast pump options, which were featured in our 2009 Buyer's Guide, are all that and more. Note to moms: If you're looking for top efficiency, a double electric option is the best because it expresses both breasts at once.

When it comes to breastfeeding, here's a new-mom lesson from all of us here at Fit Pregnancy: A little flexibility goes a long way.

Maria Vega is Fit Pregnancy magazine's copy editor.