Motrin Ad Triggers Outrage

11.18.08 Online moms all a Twitter about drugmaker's web commercial


So what did we learn this weekend? Don't make moms mad, according to one PR expert.

Motrin posted a video ad on its website advertising the over-the-counter pain reliever as a cure for the pain that moms experience when they carry their babies in slings, also known as "baby wearing." However, online moms were offended by the suggestion that they carry their babies to be "fashionable," The New York Times reports. Some saw the narrator's tone as snarky and the wording as griping about the social pressure to "wear" your baby.

The line that raised the most ire, just from gauging the NYT story and other responses online: The narrator says that wearing a baby in a sling "totally makes me look like an official mom."

Well that set off a firestorm from women on Twitter and mom blogs all over the U.S, who saw this web clip as offensive. There was talk of boycotts. One mom was so upset that she produced a protest video. On the flip side, some people wrote that the ad wasn't such a big deal.

In response, Motrin maker McNeil Consumer Healthcare has issued a response and has taken the ad off of its site. Talk about timing: This past week was International Babywearing Week!

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Maria Vega is Fit Pregnancy magazine's copy editor..