Nec-A-Nec play tables

07.28.10 Hand-crafted desks are sturdy and durable—and perfect for a girl or boy.


Looking for the perfect play spot for your child? Nec-A-Nec wood tables are right up your alley. The hand-crafted play tables are height-adjustable and meant to grow with your child. The unique design of the table's legs allows the piece to grow 5 inches in height. (There is one fixed-height option.)

You get your choice of style—play table, corner table or workbench. Each table is then built by its designer. All facets of the play tables are safe for children. They are constructed of 100 percent solid white ash wood, except the top, which is hard board for use with a customized decorative play surface (also of your choice). Below, check out a few of our favorite designs. A surprise detail: Erasable markers can be used on the plain white flip-side of the decorative top.

Prices start at $375. For more information, visit the Nec-A-Nec website; e-mail at; or call 203-431-0621.

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