New Technology Lets You See Your Ultrasound on Your Smartphone

Imagine being able to share your baby's actual ultrasound with family and friends via social media. This new technology is real, and taking the nation by storm.

New Technology Lets You See Your Ultrasound on Your Smartphone LDprod/Shutterstock

Going for an ultrasound is one of the most momentous moments of your pregnancy. When else do you get a sneak peek at the little one growing inside you? With new advances, you will be able to take that connection to a whole new level and share it with loved ones both near and far—without much effort at all.

Story &, a new technology for moms-to-be, is changing the way that ultrasounds can be accessed, allowing you to download them from hardware installed in your OBGYN's office to an app on your phone—which makes sharing your memorable ultrasound directly to Facebook an immediate possibility.

Originally launched in Korea, where more than 80% of OB's offices have the hardware, Story & is coming to the United States and will be available starting in January 2016.

The technology is set apart from just snapping a picture of the screen or attempting to record a video from your phone because it downloads the actual ultrasound – giving you lifetime access without the shaky-hand effect from your partner's amature recording. "You can re-live that first moment of when you met your child over and over again, not just a still picture but a moving picture," says founder Jae Chang.

So, do OBGYN's see this becoming common practice in their offices? Chandra Adams, M.D., of Full Circle Women's Care in Jacksonville, Fla. says: "Since the pregnant population consists largely of women who are young and tech-savvy, they are used to social media and access to their personal health information. This idea is a fantastic combination of those two, and it doesn't surprise me at all that this is the next step in making care more transparent."

The app will be priced at a one-time fee of around $10-20. A small price to pay for instant access to the beginning of something so great?