No treats for you

10.27.08 Illinois city says Halloween tradition is only for small children


Trick-or-treaters are going to get a closer look from authorities in Belleville, Ill., this Halloween, the city's local newspaper reports.

The city near St. Louis is limiting trick-or-treating to kids in eighth-grade or younger. Exceptions will be made for special-needs children and teens accompanying younger siblings, officials said.

Belleville's mayor OK'd the ordinance banning the tradition for older teens early last week after residents complained about late-night door knocks on Halloween.

The Belleville police chief said he expects parents to enforce the new rules. Officers will stop older trick-or-treaters and make them go home. If they don't follow orders, their parents can be fined $25.

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Maria Vega is Fit Pregnancy magazine's copy editor. She trick-or-treated until she was 16.