Pregnancy Awareness Month

4.28.08: Help kick off the inaugural year


This Thursday, May 1st, marks the start of the first annual Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM), founded by holisitic lifestyle expert Anna Getty.

Getty started the initiative hoping to empower pregnant women with information, "how to" ideas, and inspiration. She's established four key initiatives for the month which jibe perfectly with what Fit Pregnancy is all about: education, exercise, nutrition & wellness, and nurture. Getty says:

'“My life was altered not only by the birth of my daughter, but by the experience and choices I made as I prepared my body, mind and spirit to become pregnant and the incredible inward journey of pregnancy itself. In PAM we have adopted the tagline: '“Motherhood begins now,'” and I really believe that. I took that message to heart before I actually became pregnant as a way to prepare my mind, body and household for this fabulous moment of creativity, and my life literally turned upside down, for the better."

There's no time like pregnancy to start making healthy changes in your life, so you and your baby will benefit for years to come. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

Detox Your Diet

6 ways to protect your baby and yourself from harmful, overprocessed foods and make your prenatal diet as safe and natural as possible

Yoga Mama

Our simple prenatal workout takes you through all three trimesters

Thinking Green

Your immediate environment is more important than ever. Here's how to make your space a healthier place.

And, if you're in the L.A. area this week, you can sign up to attend the PAM kickoff event.

It's a great time to be pregnant—enjoy!

Dana Rousmaniere is's Managing Editor. Her babies have been the best reason to become more health-conscious.