9 Awesome Celebrity Halloween Costumes to Rock While You’re Pregnant

When you feel like you're carrying a jack-o-lantern up front, it's hard to imagine making an appearance as anything other than Linus's Great Pumpkin at your friend's annual Halloween bash. But from actress Liv Tyler's funny pun to singer Jessica Simpson's traditional horror classic, we found plenty of Hollywood celebrities who didn't let a little baby bump stop them from being trick-or-treat ready. So, if you're stepping out this Halloween, put down that decaf pumpkin spice latte and get ready to take notes. We've rounded up 10 looks to inspire you and your own little pumpkin.

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A Shore Thing

Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com

A Shore Thing

The celeb: Melissa Rycroft

The costume: Snooki, 2010

Why it hit the jack-o-lantern pot: Why settle for one bump, when you can highlight two? Rycroft, known for her stints on The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars, sported the Jersey Shore star's famous hair bump (and her own expanding belly bump) while dressed as the pint-size notable for Halloween. Hint: When your husband poses as The Situation, your couple's costume is fist pump-worthy.

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Back in Black

Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

Back in Black

The celeb: Kourtney Kardashian

The costume: Cat, 2014

Why it hit the jack-o-lantern pot: Clad in a sheer black bodysuit, fur coat, cat ears, and black makeup and nails, the reality star looked purrrrrr-fect while trick-or-treating with her kids, Penelope and Mason.

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Buns of Steel

Liv Tyler/Instagram

Buns of Steel

The celeb: Liv Tyler

The costume: Bun in the oven, 2014

Why it hit the jack-o-lantern pot: Dressed as a literal bun in the oven for her son Milo's school Halloween dance, we think this costume makes the actress the Coolest. Mom. Ever.

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Fruit of Her Labor

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Fruit of Her Labor

The celeb: Heidi Klum

The costume: Forbidden Fruit, 2006

Why it hit the jack-o-lantern pot: When you're known for hosting one of Hollywood's hottest Halloween bashes, a little thing like pregnancy can't stand between you and a slam-dunk costume. For this shindig, the Project Runway star posed as "forbidden fruit." Her then-husband Seal, naturally, was Eve.

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Mummy Tummy


Mummy Tummy

The celeb: Jessica Simpson

The costume: Mummy, 2011

Why it hit the jack-o-lantern pot: Preggo with her first baby, Maxwell Drew, the reality star/singer/actress confirmed her pregnancy with this photo that's so cute, it's scary.

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Mirror Image

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Mirror Image

The celeb: Kim Kardashian

The costume: Kim Kardashian, 2015

Why it hit the jack-o-lantern pot: Who do you dress up as when you're already one of the most popular Halloween costumes? You dress as yourself, naturally. (Very meta.) Wearing the same Givenchy floral gown on Oct. 31 that she wore while pregnant with North West back in 2013, she wrote on Instagram, "I think I nailed the Kim K costume!"

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Heart & Troll

Candice King/Instagram

Heart & Troll

The celeb: Candice King

The costume: Troll, 2015

Why it hit the jack-o-lantern pot: The Vampire Diaries star was "trolling around ATL" in her super cute pregnant troll costume. Extra points for highlighting that bump with the bright blue button.

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Seeing Spots

Twitter/Hayden Panettiere

Seeing Spots

The celeb: Hayden Panettiere

The costume: Sexy leopard, 2014

Why it hit the jack-o-lantern pot: Who says pregnant women can't feel sexy? The Nashville star, pregnant with her first child, posed in a leopard-print string bikini, giant statement necklace, and here-kitty-kitty makeup for this spot on costume.

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Pretty in Pink

Molly Sims/Instagram

Pretty in Pink

The celeb: Molly Sims

The costume: '70s go-go girl, 2014

Why it hit the jack-o-lantern pot: The model mom proved disco isn't dead in this bright pink getup. "Momma's gotta make a livin! #pregogogo #70's knocked up," she posted on Instagram.

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