Pregnant Model Walks NYFW Runway With Baby Bump on Display

We love this! A fashion label cast a pregnant model to walk in its NYFW show—and the best part? The model flaunted her gorgeous bump for all to see.

There's this crazy idea out there that pregnant women should hide their bodies from the world. We're encouraged to wear tent-like garments, stay far away from the bikini aisle at all costs and conceal our growing bellies beneath layers. Pregnant women are routinely criticized for being "too sexy," and up until a few years ago, stylish maternity clothing was virtually impossible to find. 

But a fashion label recently normalized pregnant bodies in the most wonderful way—and by doing so, the team made a pretty clear statement: That pregnant women have every right to be represented in the world of fashion, that they can wear whatever the heck they want, and that their bodies don't need to be hidden in the shadows. 

Eckhaus Latta, a brand from designers Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, is known for showcasing diversity in all its forms; most recently, the brand made headlines for casting a pregnant model at its New York Fashion Week show.

The stunning model wore a dress adorned with snaps down its length, and she wore it with the snaps over her midsection unfastened to reveal her baby bump. “Maia [Ruth Lee is] due next month! She came in and tried on a look, and it fit," the show's casting director, Rachel Chandler, told Vogue of the model. “I just gave birth six weeks ago, so I think the pregnant person was just where my brain was at." 

It may not seem like a huge deal, but let's not forget that pregnant women walking mainstream runways (particularly a woman nearing the end of her pregnancy) is almost unprecedented. Vogue Runway director Nicole Phelps even posted about this phenomena on her Instagram page. ​"I've been going to fashion shows for 21 years and I've seen a pregnant model on the runway exactly one other time. Something to think about," Phelps wrote alongside a shot of the model coming down the runway.

​Pregnant women don't just forfeit their interests in fashion when they conceive. They still have every right to seek out beautiful pieces, and they belong in the conversations (and on the runways!) surrounding the fashion world. To put a pregnant woman in a major fashion show—and to showcase those physical changes pregnancy brings—is more revolutionary than it should be, but it's still worthy of praise. 

Let's hear it for Eckhaus Latta for giving pregnant women everywhere proof that they matter in the world of fashion. Pregnancy ain't always glamorous, but pregnant women deserve the right to be.