Report: Baby Food Too Junky

05.06.09 Review finds some British brands are high in fat and sugar


A new study out of Britain has revealed that some baby foods contain more fat than a cheeseburger and more sugar than chocolate, reports. "Many foods marketed for babies and young children are often advertised as healthy. In reality, ... some are worse than junk food," said a spokeswoman for Britain's Children's Food Campaign, which conducted the survey.

For example, Heinz Farley's Original Rusks contain 29 grams (g) per 100 g compared to McVities Dark Chocolate Digestives (27.3 g); and Heinz Toddler's Mini Cheese Biscuits have 7.3 g of saturated fat per 100 g vs. a McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese (6.7 g per 100 g), the lobbying group said. The association reviewed more than 100 baby foods for its study.

Heinz, which owns the Farley's brand, said in response to the report that their baby products are meant to be eaten in smaller portions than 100 g and are not sold in this size, The Daily Telegraph reports.

There are alternatives out there if you're looking for healthier choices to feed your baby. You don't have to be a professional chef to make your own baby food—all it takes are the right tools and a little bit of time.

Making homemade baby food is actually quite simple, plus it saves money and can be more nutritious and tastier than store-bought varieties. Check out our three simple steps to preparing and storing baby food from scratch.

If you don't mind paying a little more for store-bought baby food made from ingredients produced without the use of pesticides, hormones or antibiotics, here are four organic brands you can try.

Maria Vega is Fit Pregnancy magazine's copy editor.