Sleep Snatchers

3.3.08: Dream a little dream for me


Our 14-month-old, Charlie, just said his first "sentence" the other day: "Night-night, NO!"

Needless to say, we're not getting much sleep around here. When the rugrats came along, a good night's sleep became a distant memory—a bedtime fantasy that's taken up permanent residence in my brain where Matt Damon used to live.

If you're pregnant right now, you're probably in the same boat. Maybe you're wrestling with a bowling ball belly in bed. Maybe your bladder's being squeezed like a lemon, or heartburn is broiling your esophagus. Or, maybe you're getting plenty of shut-eye, it's just that it's fraught with crazy dreams—like the time I dreamt that I planted a cheeseburger in a pot of dirt in my living room so I could pluck beefy burgers from my cheeseburger tree at will. (OK, maybe not such a crazy dream afterall?)

You know what they say: all those sleepless nights during pregnancy are Mother Nature's way of prepping you for the sleepless newborn nights to come. (Thanks for that, Mother Nature. Big help. Really.) But, if you'd rather at least try to rest up for the marathon ahead, we've got plenty of slumber secrets for you here. And for all you new moms trying to bag some much-needed ZZZs, don't miss our Q&A on what parents want to know about baby's sleep.

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Sweet dreams!

Dana Rousmaniere is's Managing Editor. She'd give her eye tooth for a full night's sleep.