Star Couple Reveal Baby In Works

05.20.10 Age debate stirs after actors Kelly Preston and John Travolta break their silence about expecting a new baby.


After a 2009 filled with sadness and then another tragedy this week for this Hollywood family, finally some good news: Actress Kelly Preston, 47, and her husband, 56-year-old actor John Travolta, proudly announced that they're expecting a baby, People magazine reports.

Preston is definitely not the oldest and definitely not the youngest woman to ever give birth—but regardless, it caught most of us by surprise. It's happy news, of course, but this wonderful announcement also stirred up questions on the mommy blogosphere about Preston's age.

Travolta and Preston released a statement on their websites about their newest addition. "It's impossible to keep a secret ... especially one as wonderful as this." The Los Angeles Times reports that the couple decided to announce earlier than anticipated because of a magazine story set to hit newsstands this week about their pregnancy.

The news comes one year after the couple's son, Jett, passed away. According to CBS' The Early Show, Preston and Travolta have been talking about expanding their family for years. The couple also has a daughter, Ella Bleu, who is 10. Preston spoke with Fit Pregnancy in our April/May 2000 issue when she was expecting Ella, and she shared with us funny tidbits about her chocolate cravings.

When it comes to conceiving at an older maternal age, it becomes about assessing the risks. Check out our Is It All About Age? story for a list of conditions to consider—which are not insurmountable, as the growing number of older mothers will attest. After all, Crib Notes reported last year on the worldwide trend of women waiting longer to have children—1 out of 12 first births between 1970 and 2006 were to women who were 35 and older. (In 1970, the number was 1 in 100.)

As one of our writers shared in her story, The Later-in-Life Pregnancy: Older, wiser and, yes, of "advanced maternal age," but becoming a mom can still be cool when you're 40 and older.

Maria Vega is Fit Pregnancy magazine's copy editor.