Star Mom-To-Be And The "Glass of Wine" Photo

04.12.11 Kate Hudson photo reignites debate over drinking while expecting. Experts say a occasional sip may be OK, but moms-to-be should err on the side of caution.


The pregnancy police was out in full force recently when a photo emerged of pregnant actress Kate Hudson reportedly drinking a glass of wine while vacationing in Argentina, the New York Daily News, MSNBC and other news outlets report.

The MSNBC article mentions the varying degree of comments from the mommy blogosphere about the photo, from the nonchalant to outright outrage.

But, as the Daily News points out, "if she's indeed drinking alcohol, Hudson wouldn't be the first celebrity mom-to-be to dabble in the societal taboo."

Isn't wine a no-no for pregnant ladies? The issue of "Should I drink?" during pregnancy presents a dilemma for many expectant women. Well, Fit Pregnancy recently published an article (Alcohol: Just Say Maybe?) that explored new research raising questions about the "just say no" stance regarding alcohol and moms-to-be. The three studies mentioned found no link between behavorial or cognitive damage to children and light to moderate drinking during pregnancy.

Officially, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists emphasizes that no amount of alcohol consumption is safe during pregnancy.

However, some health experts argue that there are no black-and-white answers when it comes to this topic. They say research clearly shows that binge or heavy drinking is harmful during pregnancy but not the occasional glass of wine.

So, until more is known, most experts advise caution during pregnancy and also while you're breastfeeding. As for Hudson, she has not made a comment regarding the photo and is continuing her family vacation through South America.

Maria Vega is Fit Pregnancy magazine's copy editor.