Tons O' Baby

03.19.12 A stay-at-home mom can turn into a muscle mama with the constant baby lifting, which equals almost 1 ton per day.


If the heaviest thing you ever pick up now is your coffee cup, start working your muscles today: According to calculations done by an Australian health organization, by the time your baby weighs 22 pounds — for many, that happens as soon as 9 months of age — you'll be lifting almost 1 ton of tot per day.

That figure is based on a stay-at-home mom hoisting her baby an average of 90 times per day for feedings, diaper and clothing changes, in and out of the stroller, car seat, crib, highchair and a number of other baby-gear items.

And that doesn't even count lifting the stroller in and out of cars and other baby-care tasks!

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—Sharon Cohen is Fit Pregnancy magazine's executive editor.