Whip Out the Girls to Slim Down

03.09.10 New study strengthens message that breastfeeding helps women lose abdominal fat faster

Breastfeeding red.gif.png

The benefits of breastfeeding for infants are countless, but researchers are also finding increasingly more evidence that nursing can boost mom's health, too, Yahoo! News and HealthDay report.

The latest study, presented at an American Heart Association conference last week, found that women who consistently breastfed their children for at least three months had waist sizes that were an average 2.6 inches smaller than women who had never breastfed, according to Yahoo! and HealthDay.

Fifteen years ago, Fit Pregnancy knew breastfeeding was the best way to feed your baby, and we're even more convinced of it today. The long list of good things in mother's milk offers your baby lifelong benefits—from a stronger immune system, better brain development and blood pressure to a lower likelihood of alcoholism later in life. Previously, two Fit Pregnancy experts squared off on the question: Does breast milk make babies smarter? (You'll be surprised at their answers.)

But don't forget about the advantages for mom (especially older moms): Nursing not only helps you lose those pregnancy pounds faster, there is now evidence that it lowers your risk for breast cancer and heart attacks later in life.

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Maria Vega is Fit Pregnancy magazine's copy editor.