Winter Guide 2011

How to keep your pregnancy glow during these long winter months.

mom bump layers winter survival.jpg

With the cold weather in full swing, we are sure most moms-to-be are struggling to stay happy and healthy during these long winter months.

However there are special considerations for a winter pregnancy that most women never even think about (maternity coats, anyone? How about a warm cover for the stroller?). After all, it's hard to avoid the harshness of winter when at some point this month it was snowing in 49 of the 50 U.S. states on the same day.

Being pregnant during the winter has its advantages and disadvantages. So check out our tips for braving the winter months:


  • Flu shots for everyone—that includes you, mama (or mama-to-be)! They're not only safe but necessary when dealing with dropping temperatures and germs floating everywhere.


  • Layers are your friends during the winter months as a mom-to-be. Wrap yourself and your baby bump for some cool comfort in luxurious knit sweaters, scarves and coats.
  • Boots with traction are a necessity. Flats and heels are cute for the office, but they're not so stable if you have a wintry morning commute.



  • For most women, even during pregnancy, their biggest challenge is to keep their skin moisturized and protected. Check out our Treats & Tricks page for natural remedies for soft, clear skin this winter.


  • Pregnancy can be tough on your mind and emotions—now add staying indoors a lot to the mix. Browse through our Manage Your Moods page for the best ways to stay on an even keel.
  • Our friends over at LilSugar also have some great advice on surviving a cold-weather pregnancy.


  • When the weather turns cold, check out our Winter Wonders recipes featuring this season's greens and grains to make nourishing meals for you and your growing baby.